Usage Example - Operation: 'OR A'

Orientation Search - 2D, rotation & translation , uses self-correlation

Procedure used: ora.spi

.OPERATION: OR A [ang],[x],[y],[m],[cc] ;   Orientation Search
.EXPERMENTAL IMAGE FILE: sav_avg_315 ;   Experimental image (input)
.REFERENCE IMAGE FILE: sav_avg000 ;   Reference image (input)
.REAL SPACE MASK RADIUS FOR EXP. AND REF. IMAGES: 25, 25 ;   Real space mask radius for exp and ref images
.RADIUS OF ACF, MAXIMUM SHIFT: 31, 5 ;   Radius of acf, maximum shift
.CHECK MIRRORED POSITIONS? (Y/N): No ;   Do not check mirrored image

Exp. Image Ref. image
sav_avg000 sav_avg_315

Only output is to operation line registers:

[ang] [x] [y] [mir] [cc]
 44.02   -0.05   0.03   0.0  2.49