@@ - Invoke a procedure without new namespace



Invoke a SPIDER procedure but keep the current variable namespace.


VAR [Variable Assignment]


.OPERATION: @@filename

[Type two "at" signs @@ followed by the name of the procedure file without its extension.

Procedure files are user-created files or scripts containing sequences of SPIDER operations and parameter values. Procedure files can have any alphanumeric name up to 77 characters but the name must begin with a letter. Instead of taking the input from the terminal, SPIDER uses the control sequence as it appears in the procedure file. All output that would normally appear on the terminal is directed to the RESULTS file, and no <i>LOG</i> file is created.

Procedures may be called:

  1. From another procedure.
  2. From an interactive session.
  3. At initial SPIDER startup.

If a procedure is called from interactive session, when a 'RE' operation is encountered inside a procedure, control will return to the terminal. If a procedure is called from another procedure file, control will be passed to the operation following the procedure call.

Some standard procedures are contained in the SPIDER system's procedure directory with the extension 'spi'.]


  1. The new procedure keeps the current namespace for both numerical (register) and string (symbolic) variables.





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