CP - Copy SPIDER file to SPIDER file



Copies one SPIDER or MRC file into another SPIDER or MRC file. If the output file does not exist, it will be created. Otherwise, it will be overwritten by the contents of the input file. The input and/or output file can also be a image stack file. MRC files must have file name extensions: 'mrc', 'MRC', 'mrcs', 'MRCS', 'map', or 'MAP' and the extension has to be present.   Example.


CP FROM ASCII [Copy ASCII text file to SPIDER file]
CP FROM EMI [Copy EMISPEC format file to SPIDER file]
CP FROM MRC [Copy MRC file to SPIDER file]
CP FROM NIK [Copy Nikon Coolscan format file to SPIDER file]
CP FROM PDB [Copy PDB file to SPIDER format]
CP FROM RAW [Copy Raw Image to SPIDER file]
CP FROM TERM [Copy Terminal input to SPIDER image/volume]
CP FROM TIFF [Copy TIFF format file to SPIDER file]
CP FROM VAX [Copy VAX SPIDER file to a Unix SPIDER file]
CP TO ASCII [Copy SPIDER file to ASCII text format]
CP TO BRIX [Copy SPIDER volume to BRIX file for "O" input]
CP TO MRC [Copy SPIDER files To MRC format files]
CP TO OPEND [Copy SPIDER file To Opposite Byte Endian]
CP TO POST [Copy SPIDER image to a POSTscript image]
CP TO RAW [Copy SPIDER file to a 8-bit raw image]
CP TO TIFF [Copy SPIDER file to a TIFF format]
SD IC COPY [Save Document - In Core, Copy to Disk]



.INPUT FILE: PIC001 or STK001@0030
[Enter the name of the file to be copied. If the input file is a standard image file, the input file will be copied into a new image file or into the specified image number of an image stack. If the input file is a stacked image (e.g. STK001@30), then the specified image (30) from the stack file (i.e. STK001) will be copied into the output file. The input file can be a whole stack (e.g. STK001@) in which case the output file must also be a whole stack (e.g. inline stack: _1@).

.OUTPUT FILE: COP001 or STK001@003
[Enter the name for the file that will receive the copy. If the output file is an image in an image stack (e.g. STK001@003), SPIDER will copy the input file into the image stack file with specified name (STK001) at the specified (third) position. If the stack file STK001 doesn't exist, SPIDER will create a new stack file with a stack file header and the input image at the 3rd position. Unused images will be placed in front of this image (001 and 002).]

If the output is a non-existing inline stack, SPIDER will ask the following question before creating the output stack file:






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