SD IC - Save Document - In Core, Save registers



Saves a set of registers in an existing in-core document file (array). An in-core document file (array) must be created using 'SD IC NEW' or 'UD IC' before first use of 'SD IC'. Up to 10 in-core document files (arrays) can remain open until closed with 'UD ICE'.   Example.


SD IC NEW [Save Document - In Core, create New storage array]
SD IC COPY [Save Document - In Core, Copy to Disk]
UD IC [Unsave Document - In-core, Retrieve register values]
UD ICE [Unsave Document - End use of In Core document file]
SD [Save Document]


.OPERATION: SD IC <KEY>,[r1],[r2],[r3],.....

[WHERE: <KEY> is the key; [r1]... are up to 100 register variables to be filled.
E1. SD IC 300,[r1],[r2],[r3] (KEY is an explicit number = 300)
E2. SD IC [k],[r1],[r2],[r3] (KEY is contained in register variable:[k])
E3. SD IC I,[r1],[r2],[r3] (KEY is a DO-LOOP index)]

[Enter the name of the storage array where the register contents are to be placed.]

[In example E1, if the storage array REF_ANGLES was originally created to contain 3 registers per line (key) and the contents of the register variables are: [r1]=30, [r2]=1.5, [r3]=270, then the storage array line number 300 will be filled with the following values: 3.0, 30.0, 1.5, 270.0
(The first value in each storage array line is the number of filled registers on that line.)

Subsequent accesses using 'UD IC' will quickly look up the values stored under line (key) 300 in the in-core storage array.


  1. The total number of characters on the command line may not exceed 80.

  2. The key may be specified directly, e.g.
    &nbsp;&nbsp; SD 15,[r21],[ang],[pi]
    No other registers may be specified in this manner. Example of an invalid command:
    &nbsp;&nbsp; SD 15,16.5,[ang],[pi]

  3. The in-core document file (array) can be copied to a physical file using 'SD IC COPY'.

  4. Comment keys are not allowed in in-core document files (arrays).

  5. Up to 10 in-core document file (array) can be accessed concurently. A document file is closed with the 'UD ICE' operation.

  6. To decease the amount of information printed in the results file when using this command use the 'MD' operation with option: 'VERBOSE OFF'.





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