Adding Your Own Subroutines to SPIDER

We have added a set of stub routines to simplify adding your own code to SPIDER. However, you will have to have some knowledge of Fortran coding to do this. All subroutines added using these stubs will be accessed using suboptions of the operation "MY" e.g. "MY TWO". To add your own subroutines:

  1. Edit src/mod1.f and add code for accessing your own subroutine (called mymods2.f here).
        ELSEIF (FCHAR(4:6) == 'TWO' THEN                             
          CALL MYMODS2()                                             
  2. Create mymods2.f in the SPIDER src directory. We have provided commented sample code in src/mymods.f that will open an existing input file and a similar sized output file, read code from the input file, process the incoming data and output the processed data to an output file.
  3. Edit src/ and add mymods2 to the listing there.
  4. Run make to update your SPIDER system.

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