Using SPIDER with MPI

Supported operations

Operations in SPIDER which currently contain MPI parallelizing directives:

The SPIDER distribution contains an executable: spider_linux_mpi_opt64 which was compiled/linked dynamically using Makefile_linux_mpi_opt64 You may need to have the MPI libraries from this OpenMPI release to use this executable. The operation: ldd spider_linux_mpi_opt64 will tell you what libraries are available for running this executable on your system.

Sample Usage

mpirun -v -host node1,node2,node3 -n 3 spider_linux_mpi_opt64 tst @testapsh --


Avoiding conflict with mpirun.
When starting SPIDER under MPI with 'mpirun', a '--' at end of SPIDER's command line arguments allows SPIDER to ignore any arguments appended by 'mpirun'.

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