The distribution consists of two separate modules, SPIDER and Web. The SPIDER module is written in FORTRAN and is used for mathematical manipulation of images and their contents. The Web module is written in C++ or in Java and is used for visual display and interaction with images created by the SPIDER module or to be used by SPIDER.

Platforms: We regularly run SPIDER/Web on Intel 64 bit Xeons running Linux and AMD 64 bit Opterons running Linux. Note: We phased out support for OSX during 2014. Our current standard platform is a Multi-Core Intel based machine running SUSE Linux. Heavy computations are done in parallel on a cluster of such machines. SPIDER requires at least 512 Mb of memory.

On Linux, and other Unix machines: The current SPIDER and Web modules contain precompiled executables for: Linux - 32 & 64 bit AMD and Intel platforms. The modules also contain all source code, and sample Makefiles for module generation on various GNU-Linux architectures, OSX, and for IBM SP3/4 systems running AIX.

On Other systems: Earlier releases of SPIDER and Web modules also contained precompiled executables for OSX, SGI Irix, SGI Linux (for Altrix), Compaq (Dec) Unix, and Windows. We no longer compile or support these architectures.

Compilation and linking: It is probable that one of the SPIDER/Web executables which we supply will run on your machine. However the code may have to be recompiled and linked for use on some machines. Such compilation will require familiarity with the local operating system to set the necessary compilation/linking flags and libraries. Compilation of SPIDER requires a Fortran 90 compiler. We currently use a PGI compiler on Linux, and IBM compilers for AIX. Compilation and linking of Xwindow WEB requires a C compiler and Motif/X-Window libraries on your computer. The standard gcc compiler works well. Please understand that we may not be able to assist with problems you encounter running SPIDER/Web on machines other than those listed above. You may be able to view SPIDER format images without installing Web.

Copyright: Most of the source code in SPIDER is available under the GPL License

Download: After registration, you will be given links to download the currently available releases of SPIDER.

WWW site: The latest SPIDER/WEB information is available at: http://www.wadsworth.org/spider_doc.

ArDean Leith
Wadsworth Labs, P.O. Box 509, Albany, New York 12201
Phone: 518-486-5604
Email: spider@health.ny.gov

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