SPIRE and Python Tools - Installation



  1. Access the Spire directory in your SPIDER distribution and run the Spire installation shell script: ./install.sh (be sure it starts with dot-slash!):
          cd YOUR_SPIDER_DIR/spire

  2. When the installation finds all of the necessary system requirements, it will ask for the correct command to run SPIDER on your system e.g.:
         Is this the correct command to run spider?: /usr/spider/bin/spider
    Just follow its response instructions.

  3. The installation may ask to add: YOUR_SPIDER_DIRECTORY/spire/bin to your 'path'. This directory contains executables for Spire and the python tools. If you do not want the script to edit your startup file you can say 'No'.

  4. If you did not allow the install script to alter your shell startup files you will have to edit them yourself:

    If you are using csh, add the: tools/bin directory to your path by adding the following line in your .cshrc file (substituting for the correct value for 'YOUR_SPIDER_DIRECTORY'):
           setenv PATH /YOUR_SPIDER_DIRECTORY/tools/bin:$PATH
    or if you are using bash add the: tools/bin directory to your path by adding the following lines in your .bashrc file (substituting for the correct value for 'YOUR_SPIDER_DIRECTORY'):
           export PATH
  5. Run spire and the Python tool programs without the .py extension, e.g., 'spire' not 'spire.py' and 'qview', not 'qview.py'.

Notes about Installation

  1. The shell script: install.sh calls: setup.py Then setup.py tries to find the command that to run SPIDER on your system, and writes this command to: Spire/LocalVars.py
    Spire/LocalVars.py will then contain a line like this:
       spidercmd = '/usr/local/bin/spider'

  2. The installation will access various sub-directories under: YOUR_SPIDER_DIRECTORY/spire including:

    Subdirectory Contents
    bin python2.5, python2.7, spire, and various python tools
    lib Dependencies like tk/tcl, etc
    config Configuration files

  3. Additional packages used by Spire which are installed together with Spire:

    Python2.5 www.python.org/download
    Python2.7 www.python.org/download
    Tcl/Tk8.4 (or later) www.tcl.tk/software/tcltk
    BLT (a Tcl plotting package) sourceforge.net/projects/blt
    Python megawidgets (Pmw) sourceforge.net/projects/pmw
    Python Imaging Library (PIL) www.pythonware.com/products/pil
    Numpy (Python Numeric) sourceforge.net/projects/numpy
    Gnuplot.py gnuplot-py.sourceforge.net

Updated: 31 October 2018