Editing Spire's Configuration

Configuration file

Many simple changes to the configuration can be made in Spire's Configuration Editor.
From the Commands menu, select Options, then choose the Configuration tab. The Configuration window has thre sections: Configuration file, Dialogs, and Directories. Bear in mind the distinction between the external XML file on the disk vs. Spire's internal configuration. Changes made to the configuration in the program will not be saved unless explicitly saved to the XML file. Conversely, if you make changes to the XML file in a text editor, Spire will not reflect these changes until the configuration file is loaded.

Configuration file

The Configuration file: entry box shows the current configuration file for this project. Changes made to the configuration will be saved to this file. The file may be selected via the "Browse" button.

Read : reads the current configuration file and loads it into Spire

Save : saves the current configuration to the file in the entry box.

Save as : saves the current configuration to a file specified by the user.

View : view the current configuration.

New : create a new configuration.


The Dialogs: pull-down menu selects a dialog in the current configuration.

Edit : brings up the currently selected dialog in an Edit Dialog window (below).

New : add a new dialog to the configuration.

The Edit Dialog window lets you alter button labels and the programs they launch. You can also add new buttons, as well as preview your changes. Buttons are selected by clicking anywhere within the gray button frame.


View directories : display directory tree of the current configuration.

Read from disk : Create a directory tree by reading directories from disk.