Spire's Main Menus


New : start a new project
Open : open an existing project
Edit : change/view the currently loaded project
Save : save the current project to disk
Close : save and close the current project
Quit : quit Spire (saves the project first)


New: start a new set of parameters
Edit: change/view the current parameters
Read file: load parameters from a document file


View project: Open up the project table to view a list of successfully executed Procedure files
View files: Open up the File Tree viewer to view files and directories on disk.
Note: View project Lists files that are in the project and therefore are internal to Spire. View Files is an external file/directory browser.
Edit file: Open a text file in an editor (the editor is specified on the preferences tab in the Options panel)
Plot data: Plot data in a document file in Gnuplot
Close all windows: Close all Spire's windows (except the main window)
Raise all windows: Lift all Spire's open windows to be visible on the desktop
Change dir: Explicitly change to a different working directory
Add Procedure: Add a new Procedure file to a dialog
Options: Open the Options panel


Alignment, etc.: Open up a window of the specified dialog

Procedure files

Alignment, etc.: Each menu item refers to a subdirectory in the main project directory. Each subdirectory has a submenu of all the procedure files in that directory, which can be edited or executed.


Project Help: URL of help pages for the Procedure files
Spire Help : URL of help pages for Spire