View a montage of class averages -

View a montage of class averages. Click on an average to bring up a montage of images in that class.

Usage: classimg*
where classimg* are the class average images

There are three file types used by

  1. Average images : SPIDER images of the class averages. Each has an associated doc file with the same number. The doc file lists the image numbers that belong to this class.
  2. SPIDER document files, one for each class average, the first column has particle numbers. A Doc file template is used to specify doc files.
  3. Particle images : specified by a Particle template.

For the templates, you can click on the label "Doc file template" to browse for a file. Numbers in the filename will be replaced by asterisks.

For example, after running the SPIDER procedure average.bat, you can view a montage of averages with: avg/avg*

Clicking on an image brings up the template browser. Click on the button that says "Doc file template", use the browser to select one of the df00N/select/sel001.ext files, where df00N is the defocus group corresponding to the average images. It doesn't matter which select file you pick - it's only getting the filename pattern.
For "Particle template", you can cut and paste in "../Particles/win/ser******.ext" or "../Particles/flt/ser******.ext". (If you have thousands of files in a directory, use the browser at own risk!)

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