A quick image viewer - qview.py

Usage: qview.py [-s] filename(s)

qview.py patterns

qview.py file
displays the file (reads SPIDER and many other image format)

qview.py *.dat
Unix wildcards will cause qview.py to read in the list of files, and display them one at a time.
Left/right arrow keys select previous/next images (up/down arrows move ahead/back by 10).

qview.py directory
reads ALL image files the specified directory (Spider *.gif, *.tif, etc.). qview.py will only try to load image files; it will ignore text and document files with the same extension.

qview.py -s filename
The -s flag signals to use the same window. Subsequent calls of the form "qview.py -s file2" will display the new file in the same window. This is sometimes used by other applications that repeatedly send image data to the same window. A blue border indicates that the qview.py window is an active server, listening for qview.py -s calls.

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