Scatter plot of data points -

Display a scatter plot using two columns from a Spider document file as the X and Y axes.

Usage: docfile [x y]

where x,y specify which SPIDER docfile columns to plot. (1 = first data column, 0 = keys)

Each plotted point is associated with a key number from the doc file. This key number is used to specifiy a file number in the Unix command that is invoked when a point is double clicked.


There are three modes of operation that affect the mouse cursor:

  1. Normal : as the mouse cursor is moved over points, the corresponding key is displayed in the key box, as well as substituted into the Unix command text string. If a point is double clicked, the Unix command is executed.

    For example, if each point corresponds to an image, you can display the image by in the qview program clicking on its point if the Unix command is img001.dat. xv or some other display program will also work, as long as the Unix command is legal. If each point corresponds to a class, then you could use the command class001.dat.

    If any polygons have been drawn around points, the currently selected polygon is shown in yellow, the others are blue. Polygons are selected by clicking on their outlines.
  2. Magnifier : the Magnifier button at the top is green when in this mode. In Magnifier mode, use the left mouse button to select a rectangle - the screen zooms in on this area. Reset the view under Options - Reset view. Magnifier mode is toggled on/off by clicking the Magnifier button.
  3. Region select : the Region select button at the top is green when in this mode. In this mode, you can outline a polygon with the left mouse button, finishing the polygon with right mouse button. The left mouse button will continue to draw polygons until Region select mode is turned off by clicking the Region select button.



Open : Open a document file. The first few lines of the file are displayed. The user specifies which columns to use for the X and Y axes, as well as labels for each axis.


Magnify : Turns Magnifier mode on/off

Reset view : Resets the original view, if any region was enlarged using the Magnifier.

Symbols : Allows you to change symbol shapes and colors.


Polygon select : Turns Region select mode on/off

Save selected polygon : Saves the points inside the currently selected polygon (yellow) to a doc file. The user is prompted for a doc file name, the key numbers and x,y coordinates are written to disk.

Delete selected polygon : Removes the currently selected polygon.

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