Python Tools for SPIDER

These tools supplement the standard SPIDER visualization modules:
     WEB -- Classic image viewer for SPIDER
     JWeb -- Java-powered, platform-independent version of WEB.

Before first use SPIDER's Python Tools must be installed along with Spire. However the tools are independent of Spire once installed.

Image viewers
A quick Spider image viewer, for applications that need to display images.
View a montage of images.
View a montage of images selected by a SPIDER doc file.
View images in a stack one-by-one.
View a montage of average images; clicking on any image brings up another montage of the image set of that average.
Convert SPIDER images to/from other formats.

Data plotting
Read a document file and display a scatterplot.
Simple graphical interface to Gnuplot.

CTF tools
A tool for analyzing the output from SPIDER's 'TF ED' command.
Experiment with various CTF parameters used in SPIDER
Assign micrographs to defocus groups.
A dumb thing that puts a circle over a power spectrum

Verify quality of particles.
Tree view of directory files
List file numbers in SPIDER doc file.
Convert a Xmipp sel file to a SPIDER doc file.
Convert EMAN coordinates file to a SPIDER doc file.