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Displays a surface view of a SPIDER volume using the same algorithm as the "Surface" operation. The volume is viewed along the X axis from the "left" side. The user sets the threshold where the displayed surface is located, and the percent influence of reflectivity and depth on the rendering. After the surface is rendered, another menu appears where the can user set parameters for the drilling tool. These parameters include: The density which is given to drilled/filled voxels; the depth, width, and length of the drilling tool; and the movement increment for the drilling tool when the middle mouse button is pressed.

The tool edits an 8 bit volume which corresponds to the input volume. The input volume densities are mapped over the range 1..254 in the editable volume. If the user wishes to add densities to the editable volume which are never found otherwise in the volume he/she can set the tool density value to 0 or 255.

The left mouse button replaces the voxels starting at the current depth with voxels of the specified density. All voxels within the tool dimension are replaced. The middle mouse button moves the tool by one movement increment on each push. Note that the movement increment can be poisitive or negative. The right button sets the current depth of the tool to the depth of the threshold surface at that cursor location.

After modifying the editable volume with the drill/fill tool the user can save the volume in an SPIDER format output file. The density values in the output file will be in the range 1..254 (unless the user set values of 0 or 255).

This is an experimental operation and will only be improved or enhanced if there is sufficent user demand. Magnification of the surface view is not provided due to ambiguities which would arise in the editting. If you wish a magnified view use voxel replication on the SPIDER volume before starting this operation.

Last updated : 12/31/97        ArDean Leith