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  2. JWeb is a point-and-click interface for display and interaction with SPIDER images and data written by Dr. Bimal Rath. JWeb is a Java application which was developed and tested on Linux & Windows computers.

    1. Create a directory in desired location for JWeb, hereafter referred to as: JWEB_DIR
    2. If you already have a download of SPIDER/Web on a location accessible to your Windows machine copy the files from that location's: spider/web/jweb/win to JWEB_DIR/win.

    3. If you do not have an accessible source of SPIDER/Web you can Download and install the SPIDER/Web distribution using WinZip or a similar Windows utility, and place it in an appropriate location: PARENT-DIR. Then navigate to SPIDER's web/jweb/win directory.

    1. Install the Java Run Time Environment
      1. Double click on: j2re-1_4_2_06-windows-i586-p.exe
      2. Agree to license terms by clicking on YES.

    2. Install the Java Advanced Imaging Run Time Environment
      1. Double click on: jai-1_1_2_01-lib-windows-i586-jre.exe
      2. Click on: NEXT
      3. Agree to license terms by clicking on YES.
      4. Install the software at default location by clicking on NEXT.

    3. Add win.WEB.jar file to CLASSPATH

    4. (Note: You may need administrator's privilage to edit the CLASSPATH variable)

      1. Click on START.
      2. Move cursor to SETTINGS.
      3. Click on CONTROL PANEL.
      4. Double click on SYSTEM.
      5. Set CLASSPATH.
        • For Windows2000

          1. Click on ADVANCED.
          2. Click on ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES.
            • If CLASSPATH variable is already defined:
              1. Click on CLASSPATH.
              2. Click on EDIT.
              3. Append the location of the JWeb files in the VARIABLE VALUE field.
                E.g.   C:\WINNT\system32;C:\JWEB\win.WEB.jar

              4. Note: Here the win.WEB.jar file was downloaded to:   C:\JWEB\ and
                CLASSPATH variable was already defined as: C:\WINNT\system32

            • If CLASSPATH variable is not already defined:
              1. Inside the SYSTEM VARIABLES menu click on NEW
              2. For VARIABLE NAME type: CLASSPATH
              3. Type the location of the JWeb files in the VARIABLE VALUE field.
                E.g.   C:\JWEB\win.WEB.jar

          3. Click on OK.
          4. Click on OK.
          5. Click on OK.

    5. Create shortcut to start JWeb with desired run-time memory allocation.
      1. Right click mouse in an empty area of desktop and select menu item: NEW.
      2. Click on SHORTCUT.
      3. Enter location of JWeb startup file:
      4. JWEB_DIR\jweb.cmd
        E.g.:   C:\JWEB\jweb.cmd
      5. Click on NEXT.
      6. Click on FINISH.
      7. Note: in: C:\JWEB\jweb.cmd the value: 512m represents the maximum megabytes memory allowed for this JAVA application. If your machine has more or less installed memory, you should change it accordingly.

  • Test JWeb :

    1. Double click on JWeb to start.
    3. Further information on the use of JWeb is given in the JWeb manual.

  • Send any bug reports or suggestions to: spider@wadsworth.org

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