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Interactively selects marker locations and stores locations relative to image in a SPIDER document file.

User is prompted for name of an image file (often one image of a tilt series). User is then prompted for the tilt angle of the image and name of a document file which will store the locations. If the document file already exists, any locations which are present in the file will be displayed on the image. User can now pick locations of markers on the image and locations will be stored in the document file.

A marker numbering widget allows easy access to set the current marker number. This widget is usefull when marker numbers are not consecutive. The user can erase and redraw chosen locations.

A button is available to automatically increment tilt angles and file names in preparation for the next image in a series.

Data is stored in the document file whenever a point is selected. To remove a marker which has already been selected it is necessary to edit the document file.

Last updated on 12/31/97      ArDean Leith