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Colored Surface-- Display a surface view with colored voxels   

PURPOSE:  Display a shaded surface from a volume and color the voxels
          which appear on the surface according to colors specified in
          a second color volume.

 USAGE:   Similar to the surface operation,  except that the user is
          prompted for both the SPIDER volume to be surfaced and a 
          second SPIDER volume which contains a color assignment for 
          each voxel.  Both volumes must have the same dimensions.

          Colors should be 0 --> 7.  The more colors requested, the
          less the intensity range available within each color.  For 
          three colors about 58 intensities are available.  
          Currently the opteration will load a default color assignment
          as follows:  0 = blue,  1 = green,   2 = red,  3 = yellow,
                       4 = cyan,  5 = magenta, 6 = white. 

NOTE:     The operation can also accept a arbitrarily ranged color volume
          and will automatically partition the color range into the number of
          colors requested in the surface munu.  However I do not recommend 
          this method of use, as it may disappear in the future.

NOTE:     This operation is a bit buggy and may not work 
          properly  twice in the same Web session.  If you have problems 
          please restart Web.

Last updated : 12/31/97        ArDean Leith