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The 64 bit true color web source has been updated to fix operations that failed to run properly on recent 64 bit Linux distributions.
Thanks to: John Bollinger for these improvements.
12/8/18 AL

Particle picking improved.
Can start picking of particles from either tilted or untilted image.
Reports current tilt for first 32 particles picked.
6/11/15 AL

New convenience operations on menu line, decreased colormap flashing, improved tilt pair particle picking, altered colormap, misc. bug fixes on 24 bit color platforms. Web for 8 bit color retired.
7/20/11 AL

Web Now released under GPL "Free Software" license.
Web is now released under GPL license.
10/20/05 AL

Web supports either byte ordering now.
Web will read SPIDER files of either byte ordering now.
3/20/03 AL

Java Web available for Linux
10/20/01 BR

The Movie operation has been improved.
Added a "Large Images" sub-operation which displays movies of a series of images or a volume.
9/4/01 AL

Web has been modified for Use on Linux 24 bit Visual
Modifications provided by Dr. Erik Vogan allow use of WEB on a 24 bit Visual under Linux.
8/10/01 AL

The Montage from document file and Categorize from document file operations handle image stacks.
Stacked images can be displayed by specifying appropriate template (e.g. stackfile@***) for the image name
10/7/99 AL

The "Image display" operation now handles image stacks.
A single stacked image can be displayed by specifying the stacked image name (e.g. stackfile@34)
10/7/99 AL

"Pixel" and "Profile" operations work with magnified images.
The Pixel and Profile Operations now work with magnified or shrunken images.
9/14/99 AL

Montage and categorize from document file.
The filenumbers for the "Montage from document file" and "Categorize from document file" operations must be in the first register (not keys) of the document file now. It is now possible to limit the filenumbers to be displayed.
8/06/99 AL

CTF from Doc. File
A new operation "CTF from Doc. File" has been added which interactively studies the Contrast Transfer Function curve. Details.
7/06/99 AL

General Filter
A new operation "General Filter" has been added which interactively creates a mask based on a power spectrum which can be used for Fourier filtering. Details.
10/19/98 AL

Display stack images
Now, WEB can display the stack images by using "Image" operation. WEB will automatically check if the input file is a stack file or not. If "display the image name" has been selected, the image number in stack will been displayed under each image as "@012". The operation works for 2D and 3D stacks. If the file is a 3D stack file, the image number will only display once for each 3D image.
2/10/98 YH

Categorize images from a montage specified in document file
The images which are used in the 'Categorize' operation can now be taken from a Document file Montage (see below) as well as a standard sequential file image montage. Details.
2/26/97 AL

Montage of images specified in document file
New operation 'Montage from doc. file' makes a montage of 2-D images by looking up the image numbers in a document file. The register number cantaining the image number in the doc. file is solicited. All images must have same prefix in their name (e.g. IMA***.DAT). Can also determine, display, and save the average of all the montaged files.
6/10/96 AL

Picking markers
The 'Markers' operation has been altered to save marker locations to a doc file as soon as the marker is selected. Thus a system failure will not lose any markers which have already been picked. Details.
5/2/96 AL

The 'Convolve' operation has a new filter choice available called 'Denoise'. This filter replaces pixels which have values below a solicited threshold with average of the 8 surrounding pixels. Details.
4/20/96 AL

File name selection
The filenames specified in the look-up-table file name widget no longer reset the file location used for images.
4/10/96 AL

Command line variables
Certain variables in Web can now be initialized from the command line or in your home directory .Xdefaults Xt resource file.
1/26/96 AL

Colored surfaces
Colored Surface Operation added. Does fast surface display of 3D file. Colors surface according to values found in asecond 3D file. Specify surface level, contribution from depth and surface reflectivity, and number of colors. The values in the color volume are divided into the specified number of colors. A private color-map can be used to alter the correspondence between colors and intensities in the color volume. Can only handle less than six colors. details.

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